The company was brought into existence over 38 years ago. During all the years it has worked out the best methods how to provide both the best products and service. The offer includes over 300 products classified in several product groups. Thanks to its strong and well-organized distribution system, FORMPLASTIC is capable of reaching every single house in Poland. Thoroughly refined designs of our products are highly appreciated by customers in Poland and in all the countries we export to.Our product range includes: plastic flowerpots, vases, urns, balcony boxes, decorative fences, bowls, watering cans, water sprinklers and many others.

We take pride in our modernized product line of snow shovels and other winter accessories that have been designed to satisfy very every customer around the world. Everyone will find something appropriate for them. Lightness and, on the other hand, stable construction guarantee products’ long life and high resistance in extreme conditions.
We assure great balance and finishing which together with both modern design & use of the most trendy colours constitute the reason to higher the standards of winter accessories.

The quality of all products is verified and certified by the materials we use which according to our policy and philosophy should be and are of high importance.

FORM-PLASTIC invests time, energy and money not only in the machines, technologies and increasing the storing area but also – perhaps even mainly - in the staff - who is constantly being taught how to provide the best know-how and how to assist in all customer’s choices.

We maintain good kind of the goods simultaneously keeping short terms. The best way to verify all these statements is to try us out. You are welcome to contact us at any time. Our specialists are here to help you.